Spain-Uruguay: Quotes
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Gines Melendez, Spain coach
That was an unbelievable and spectacular match! Respect to Uruguay, they were fantastic. We also played well, but we made far too many errors at the end of normal time, although that's going to happen with lads of this age. At the end of the day, and taking the match as a whole, I think we deserved to win. We'll be very content and full of anticipation when we go to Lagos for the semi-final. At every tournament, a successful team needs a game like today's, because that's how you develop a certain winning mentality. We meet Nigeria or Korea next. I'd basically rather have met the Nigerians in the final, so my team had a chance of revenge for the lost final in 2007.

Roland Marcenaro, Uruguay coach
We played exceptionally well for the full 120 minutes, we had plenty of the ball, and we created any number of chances. It was a terrific game in which we've shown what we're capable of, even though no-one thought we'd be able to give Spain a game. At the end of the day we were unlucky, but we played with big hearts - and that's so important for our nation! We know we have problems with penalty shoot-outs, but it's not something you can train. My players are very emotional guys. I really believe in this generation, and they can go on to great things in the future. These lads will go further than the quarter-finals at their next tournament.