Japan-Mexico: Quotes
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Yutaka Ikeuchi, Japan coach
We made the same mistakes we made in our previous games. We came up short in both penalty areas and in the modern game you pay dearly for that. It doesn't matter if your midfield plays really well; if you don't put your chances away and stop the opposition from converting theirs, then you can't win. We'll learn from this lesson and it's been a great experience that will help us in the future.

Jose Luis Gonzalez China, Mexico coach
We didn't play a good game. We started well but Japan got control of the ball and gave us some serious problems. We were very close to going out of the World Cup but fortunately we were clinical enough up front to get the two goals, the first of them coming when they were having their best spell. We're through to the next round but we have to improve if we're going to stay in the tournament because today's performance was very poor.