Mexico-Switzerland: Quotes
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Jose Luis Gonzalez China, Mexico coach
We can have absolutely no excuses. Switzerland beat us fair and square. We had a very bad evening and maybe the fact that it was our opening match had an effect on us. We weren't able to show anything near our potential but there's no time for complaining. We've got two days to sort things out and raise our game. Whenever you lose a fixture there are always things you need to look at, but we expect to find solutions for them quickly and get the win we need against Brazil.

Dany Ryser, Switzerland coach
The first goal was the key to the match because things were very tough for us at the start. That free-kick opened the game up for us and the defence did their job very well, which made things much easier, as did the second goal just before the break. There were no scares for us in the second half and I feel we more than deserved the win. We've worked very hard for this and that makes it all the more enjoyable.