Iran-Gambia: Quotes
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"This is football. Sometimes players make mistakes, like our goalkeeper did on the first goal, but we play together and we win or lose as a team. We will pick up the pieces and work at it in training and hope for the best next time around. This is a new team, we were hampered by the MRI tests, and this is the first time that a lot of our players have played together. I think, considering some of our hardships, we played a decent game. We will be better next time, even with the two players we lost through red cards." Tariq Saigy, Gambia coach.

Gambia played a fine game today and I would like to congratulate them for the fight they put in. I consider them to be our main opponent here in the group and we are happy to have beaten them. We have a very prepared team here in Nigeria; we put in a lot of effort to be ready. We knew a lot about our opponents today and we executed our game plan. I asked my boys to do a job and they did it perfectly tonight. I am a happy man.
Iran coach, Ali Doustimehr