Netherlands - Gambia: Quotes
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Albert Stuivenberg, Netherlands coach
We are pleased with the result, and we needed it after the loss to Colombia. We started well, but then we had some trouble with the heat and humidity which was pretty extreme. We scored two goals, which is a good thing, but I think we didn't keep the field compact enough. In the second half both teams had their chances, but we had more and deserved to win. After our first loss we focussed a lot on getting the players back in full concentration and it showed today.

Tariq Saigy, Gambia coach
These boys are still very young and they don't listen to everything they're told. On top of that we made some individual mistakes that cost us. In all I don't think we did that badly in either of our games; we were beaten by a better team tonight. We are still alive, we are not dead yet officially, so we will do our all to win that last game and give ourselves every opportunity to go on.