Iran - Colombia: Quotes
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Ramiro Viafara, Colombia coach
This was a very difficult game tonight. Anyone can see that. We had chances in the first half and we should have scored, and in the second period things were very different with all the rain and the sloppy conditions. With the pitch the way it was, either team could have won that game. Because of this we are happy to have earned a point tonight. The Nigerian fans were behind us tonight and we are happy to have won them over.

Ali Doustimehr, Iran coach
The Colombians are very good, and we knew that beforehand. Their technique and speed are very strong, but we weren't surprised by it. We discussed our game plan before the match and we were ready to meet a good team today. I am satisfied with the result overall. One point against Colombia is a good result, especially with the difficult conditions we had tonight. We now have four points from two games and we will try to win our last contest.