Italy-Korea Republic: Quotes
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Pasquale Salerno, Italy coach
Even before kick-off, we knew it was going to be extremely difficult. The South Koreans have proved they're an extremely good team today. They caused us no end of trouble in the first half, but we showed character and spirit, and we were a lot better after the break. It was an unbelievably spectacular game. To be frank, I really can't pinpoint the moment when it turned in our favour. But winning is unbelievably important for us mentally, as we'll get on a roll and be even more eager to do well. It could easily have ended up a draw, but the Koreans ran into a few physical problems late on.

Kwang-Jong Lee, Korea Republic coach
We certainly gave a decent account of ourselves, but we failed to take our chances. We should definitely have scored more against the Italians, but we're not overly disappointed, because we did play well. I'm very optimistic about our chances against Algeria. They're talented and technically strong, and they play a very similar game to us. No-one knows what's going to happen, but our goal is still to reach the next round.