Czech Republic-New Zealand: Quotes
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New Zealand coach Aaron McFarland
"The players believe it was not the best game they’ve played, but they played with heart. The next game is going to be very tough because every team has three points and the same chance to reach the next round. The next game, in another city, will give the team more confidence, the weather is better and the main idea is to win and put in the best performance we can. The team is going to study the USA's so that we are prepared."

Czech Republic coach Josef Csaplar

"It is important to achieve and celebrate the game of football. I am very happy with the three points and the qualities we showed. It was an interesting game for both teams. In the next game we will have four new players, and we have to get these players used to the weather here. This game was better than last game; but we are still playing at 70 to 80 per cent because of the climate."