Jamaica-France: Quotes
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Jamaica coach Wendell Downswell
"While we didn’t win any of our matches, my team played some good football during this tournament, which is a real source of pride for us. That said, we’re a small country, and there are limits to what we can achieve at international level. If we compare New Zealand 1999 and Mexico 2011, we’ve made good progress by scoring goals and picking up a point. Taking everything into account, it’s been a positive experience. Taking part in the U-17 World Cup has been an amazing adventure for our players as well as our coaching staff. It’s really motivated us to make sure we’re involved next time around."

France coach Patrick Gonfalone
"I’m not satisfied with this result. Based on the balance of play, we really should have won. Neither am I satisfied with the way we played. The group table is a fair reflection of the quality of the teams in Group B. Japan deserved to win the group, and we deserved to come in second. The final standings therefore make sense. My team is playing reasonable rather than great football. I hope we can get a bit of freshness back in time for our round of 16 match. The little break and the move to a different venue are going to do us a world of good."