Germany-Mexico: Quotes
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Germany coach Steffen Freund
“We are disappointed, obviously, but we must give our full congratulations to Mexico. I am very proud of my team for what they have done here at the World Cup. I admire [Mexico’s Julio] Gomez because he never gave up in the game. The next match with Brazil is something we will have to consider once we’ve settled from this loss a little bit. The hot weather and the pressure from the fans was not a big problem today – the atmosphere was fantastic and we knew what to expect coming in. My players are a little sad right now, but they will get over it and try to finish the tournament with a medal.”

Mexico coach Raul Gutierrez
“[Julio] Gomez is OK after his injury – didn’t he look it? Not many people gave us a chance to beat Germany, but we knew that we had a very strong team and that we had a good chance to get the better of them. My players have their feet on the ground and are very mature for their age. I am very proud of them. The fans put everything they had behind us tonight and through the whole tournament. We couldn’t be more grateful for their support. The next game, the final, will be a tough one against Uruguay. We’ve met them before and we will be ready to do everything we can to win.”