Yemi Tella (NGA), Nigeria coach
"I want to thank God for the win tonight. This match was very tactical and a lot of my boys were unable to play at their best due to injury. Our goalkeeper saved the penalties so confidently, because we've been practicing a lot and it paid off in the end. We couldn't score during the game tonight, but it's normal that young players tend to get nervous in a final. I'm just thankful that we finally won this match. As for the future of the team, we're building this team to be a foundation for the senior national team.

Juan Santisteban (ESP), Spain coach
"The team deserves the credit for their performances in the final. We were a bit unlucky in the penalty shoot-out, but I think that the whole team will take home positive memories from our time here. This is an experience that they will remember for their entire life. It was a great match for both teams, but perhaps we deserved a little bit more luck tonight. It was difficult to play without Bojan, but all the players on the pitch tonight played very well."

King Osanga (NGA), Nigeria midfielder
"It's the happiest day of my life. The game was very intense, but that is what a final is supposed to be, because everyone wants to be. Although we didn't score, I think we deserved the win on penalties. I'm surprised that both Spain and ourselves, two offensive teams, didn't score - but that's football."

Oladeye Ajiboye (NGA), Nigeria goalkeeper
"I'm happy because we have made history. We have emulated the achievements of the Nigerian players who have won this event twice before in history. We promised ourselves before the tournament that we would return home with the trophy and we have done it. In the penalties, I just waited to see where they kick and I dived for the ball. This was my greatest ever performance."

Ignacio Camacho (ESP), Spain midfielder
"We are destroyed. After 120 minutes after a very high level, we gave everything on the field and it still wasn't enough. But I want to thank my team-mates and the coach, because we played a great game - and were only beaten on penalty kicks. The general feeling in the dressing room is a positive one, I'd give the team ten out of ten for their performance at this event."

David Rochela (ESP), Spain defender
"We gave 100 per cent in this match. The penalties are a lottery. Against France we won it, but today it wasn't our day. I think the team played well throughout the tournament, we played our part in a great final and we have to be happy with that. I think we have to be happy. Not everyone gets to be runners-up at the FIFA U-17 World Cup."