Miguel Tojo (ARG), Argentina coach
"I'd like to congratulate Costa Rica because they gave us a very tough game. We won because we were effective from set-piece situations, always a useful weapon in close-fought matches like this, but we didn't put in a particularly sparkling performance during the game itself. This team may not be overflowing with individual talent, but it's packed with typical Argentinian qualities like grit, hard work and intelligence, which is what saw us through."

Manuel Urena (CRC), Costa Rica coach
"Our game plan worked, but two lapses at set-piece situations decided the game for Argentina. Our tactical set-up for this match was similar to the one we used during the first round, where we tried to wear our opponents down before using our pace to win the game on the break in the second half. Unfortunately the goals tore up our script, and even when we were playing with four strikers at the end we couldn't create chances. In any case, I think that this has been a great experience for the lads and very useful for grassroots football in Costa Rica."

Gaston Sauro (ARG), Argentina defender
"I'm very happy to have scored two goals, especially because they sent us through to the quarter-finals. It was a difficult game, but we were able to use set pieces to good effect - those situations can often prove decisive. Next up are Nigeria, who are very difficult opponents with extremely strong players. We'll stay faithful to our style, however, and I fully believe that we can win the match."

Leonel Moreira (CRC), Costa Rica goalkeeper
"This defeat was very painful because we weren't second-best out on the pitch. Two mistakes cost us the game against a very powerful team, but we matched them right from the off. It's a hard blow to take, but we can head for home happy and satisfied because we've had a good tournament and played very good football. The next step is to head back to our club sides and keep working hard in order to earn a call-up for the Under-20 team."