Yemi Tella (NGA), Nigeria coach
"I'm delighted with this victory but not surprised. We played better than them and had the better chances. We tried a lot of long balls in the first half but that was far from being a tactical mistake: it was to keep them in their own half. During the break, I asked my players to be patient and to avoid throwing themselves at every ball. When they opened the scoring, I thought we were going to win 3-1. That's why I sent on two forwards. In the end, we only scored two goals but we proved our worth once again. The match against Argentina will be a different type of contest but with God's help I hope we can do just as well."

Eduardo Lara (COL), Colombia coach
"Despite the loss, I feel content. I know my lads did everything they could to go through and it just wasn't enough. We went out to a very solid team and, with Ghana's win yesterday and Nigeria's today, the African sides have shown how much they keep improving and how well-organised they are. As for my own team, I think they have great days ahead of them. When you lose the way we did, you can only be confident about the future."

Lukman Haruna (NGA), Nigeria captain
"We were clumsy in the first half but we were able to perform better after the break. The Colombians sat back, so our coach sent on two forwards to give us more numbers up front. We carried out his instructions to the letter in terms of playing long balls in the first half and then passing more along the ground after that. It worked for us."

Miguel Julio (COL), Colombia captain
"We played a good match and a good tournament overall. We lost this game in the space of five minutes. Maybe we suffered from a lack of concentration but when they scored their two goals everything went too quickly: both the ball and their players. We gave the best account of ourselves we could and, despite going out, we can leave with our heads held high."