John Peacock (ENG), England coach
"I'm very pleased. It was a very hard fought win. It wasn't easy out there and I didn't expect it to be. I thought the Syrians played very strongly. They were always going to be difficult opponents, but thankfully we got through in the end. I didn't think we played particularly well to start off with. We didn't retain the ball very well, we looked a little bit nervous, we looked as though we were having a hangover from the game against Brazil and I think the game both mentally and physically took a bit out of us. But as the second half progressed, I think we got better."

Mohamad Aljomaa (SYR), Syria coach
"It was a good game. Tonight we played to win and even though we didn't, I am very proud of my team. We created more clear-cut chances to score than England, but they scored three and we only scored one. That's football sometimes. I thought we played very well tonight and we were unlucky to lose by two goals - in fact every player from my team did superbly well. They kept fighting when things went against them and that takes a lot of heart. But credit to England too. They have some very good players who are professional and are very tactically astute."

Rhys Murphy (ENG), England striker
"The main thing was that we won. We didn't play our best football at times, but we battled hard, showing flashes of what we can do. Syria played some nice football, they constantly put pressure on us and part of the reason why we didn't play so well was that they made life very difficult for us. At the start of the second half we let them back into the game, but we stayed mentally focused and reacted positively to that. Ten minutes later, we were 3-1 in front and I was absolutely delighted to score."

Ahmad Madnia (SYR), Syria goalkeeper
"Tonight was a tough game between two strong sides. Both teams showed a high level of footballing talent. I thought we played very well throughout the 90 minutes, but our main problem was that we missed too many chances. On the other hand, England took theirs. In many ways, I felt that England were lucky to score three goals. But we return home proud of our achievements both in this match and in the tournament. We have drawn with Argentina, defeated Honduras and taken Spain and England extremely close."