Heiko Herrlich (GER), Germany coach
First of all, thanks to my players who performed very well tonight. We were nervous at first but after the opening goal everything went as planned. All credit to the defence for keeping a clean sheet. We also gave some of the rest of squad an opportunity tonight, and I was confident they'd play well as I have faith in all 21 players I brought here. We will shuffle things round to try and win our next game, against the USA, who we lost 3-1 to last month. Our aim now is just to reach the next round.

Anton Corneal (TRI), Trinidad and Tobago coach
It was a great experience for the players, and I think we've given a good account of ourselves during the tournament. But still we have to try to close the gap [in quality]. In the Caribbean we're a good team, but on the international stage we have room to improve, especially in terms of our physical level. What's interesting is that all the players started as equal here, but if someone has the right passion and knows how to learn from experiences, they develop into good players.

Alexander Esswein (GER), Germany forward
We played very well and could have scored another couple of goals. We were also very disciplined in defence, and I think we deserve the win and top spot in the group.

Jesse Fullerton (TRI), Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper
Although we started the game very well, we committed some errors in our man-marking. The World Cup was a good experience for the players, and this game against Germany was the first real test for us. I'm looking forward to coming back at U-20 level, where we'll play with even more commitment.