Yemi Tella (NGA), Nigeria coach
"It was a very good match and the two teams produced some very attractive football. We're going to try to continue in this direction and even improve our football in our upcoming games. I can't say yet if France are the hardest opponent in this group and I'll have to wait until we've faced the other two to have a proper idea. We're up against three good teams in this group, but we want to win the title so we have to beat everyone. As for why I replaced Macauley Chrisantus with Saheed Fabiyi, that was due to a physical problem. When I took off Fabiyi in the second half, that was for tactical reasons."

Francois Blaquart (FRA), France coach
"We're full of regrets after this game. We had chances to win the match and it's a shame we let in a second goal just as we were really starting to take control. It was especially galling that we conceded it after such a silly and pointless foul. We worked hard on free-kicks and that paid dividends in attack - it's just unfortunate that it didn't work so well for defensive free-kicks. I'm not going to say we can't afford another slip-up but we certainly can't afford a massive slip-up! Let's not forget that in the European Championship, we qualified with just one win and a draw. So all isn't lost."

King Osanga (NGA), Nigeria striker
"We played a very good game against a very good team, but we came here to win and that's exactly what we did. We've already taken a step towards qualifying, although nothing is settled yet. We'll be playing to win every match - not just in the first round, but all the way to the Final."

Mamadou Sakho (FRA), France defender
"We lost this game due to two defensive errors, even though we had more chances, more possession and played better than they did. But it's often said that dominating isn't the same thing as winning, and that was the case today. Now we're going to have to try to be more ruthless. On paper, they were without doubt the hardest team in the group, but you never know what might happen with Japan or Haiti. Still, we'll be playing those two matches with an eye to winning them and qualifying."