Hiroshi Jofuku (JPN), Japan coach
"The first half was difficult for us and we were too nervous and too aggressive. Luckily, we scored just before the break. We switched things around tactically at half-time and I think we were better physically. You saw that in the fact we made the difference at the end of the game, as well as through our substitutions. We could have lost this match so I'm pleased to go into the next two encounters with three points already in the bag."

Jean Yves Labaze (HAI), Haiti coach
"We played a good game and even when we were behind we never let our heads drop, doing what we had to do to get level. Unfortunately, we conceded a silly second goal though a lack of concentration. Still, when Valdo Normil broke free a few minutes later, we felt certain he'd score. So we could have won this match, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Now we need to iron out the mistakes to make sure we don't suffer any more lapses of concentration."

Hiroki Kawano (JPN), Japan player
"I'm very happy to have scored the goal, but I have to admit I was lucky the ball came back to my feet. I was very motivated because you can never be satisfied with a place on the bench. Before I stepped on to the pitch, the coach asked me to pressure the defenders, stop them from passing the ball out and, if possible, to try and score. That's what I did!"

Joseph Guemsly Junior (HAI), Haiti player
"I'm sad because I really thought we could win this game. We put a lot of work in with that in mind. As for my goal, as soon as I saw the ball, I knew I was going to shoot and score. I'm proud for my country because Haiti hadn't scored in a World Cup for 33 years. We've done that now, but it doesn't erase our disappointment. Now we have to do everything we can to get back on track and qualify."