Jean Yves Labaze (HAI), Haiti coach
"We're very proud because we produced some great football and we're still in with a chance of qualifying. We played to win and we almost did just that, but on the other hand we're happy to come away with a point because the French missed a penalty in the last minute. When you get a present like that, you have to be grateful. Thanks to this point, we're still in the race, even if it's going to be tough against Nigeria in our third match."

Francois Blaquart (HAI), France coach
"Obviously, we're extremely disappointed. We came up against a very good side and I want to congratulate them for their performance. They deserved to win just as much as we did, in the same way they deserved to win against Japan. We played with ten men and missed a penalty and that's tough to recover from - as much for me on the bench as for the players on the pitch. I feel we could have won it, just as we could have won against Nigeria. Now, we know we'll have to fight hard in our third game. It's going to be our first final. As for the mistakes we made this evening, I'm not disappointed with our play itself, but with the desire we showed. We were too soft and we still haven't managed to find a way of expressing our qualities."

Peterson Desrivieres (HAI), Haiti player
"Even though I had to take the penalty twice, I felt no pressure at all. I've practiced them a lot in training and my coach has always told me that wherever I am and whatever the moment or importance of the match, I need to take every set-piece as if I'm in training: that's to say, relaxed! Scoring against France was important. For us, France is like the father who showed his son the road to follow. The France team has achieved great things and now it's the son's turn to follow in his father's footsteps."

Joris Delle (FRA), France goalkeeper
"For the penalty, I came off my line very quickly and unfortunately I brought down their striker. The penalty got retaken so I had two chances to redeem myself, but it just wasn't to be. It's frustrating because it was my fault we conceded the goal when we were leading 1-0 and capable of controlling the match. Personally, since the competition began I've been disappointed with my performances but there's still one match left to go and win. The whole team is going to have to ask itself some questions, but I'm certain that if we get the victory you'll see a different France team afterwards."