Yemi Tella (NGA), Nigeria coach
"We started the match very well and that made life a bit easier for us. The players were well prepared and followed the game-plan to the letter. I think my team is playing well - not just in this match but in general. Our football is good all round and effective. In the second half, we wanted to let them come at us, but they rarely left their own half of the pitch. We've qualified now but we'll still be looking to win our next match. We're here to win the title and with each victory we get a little closer."

Hiroshi Jofuku (JPN), Japan coach
"We lost to a very good team; without doubt the best in the group and one of the best in the tournament. This evening, there was a big difference between the two sides in terms of technique, strength and mentality. Our last match against France will be decisive for both teams. We're still aiming to qualify and we'll try to strengthen our defence so that we can approach that game in the best possible manner."

Macauley Chrisantus (NGA), Nigeria player
"I'm very happy to have scored two goals tonight. I've now got three and I hope to score a lot more yet. Winning the title of top-scorer is one of my objectives and I'm working very hard to make that happen. We'll go into our third match against Haiti with the intention of winning. The more we win, the more we want to win, and that's what we need if we hope to achieve our goal of taking the world title."

Kota Mizunuma (JPN), Japan captain
"I don't know if they were too strong for us, but what's certain is that we didn't manage to play our usual game. We lost our concentration early on whereas they quickly grew in confidence. I don't think the gap between the two teams is as great as the score suggests. Now we have to go back to concentrating on our target, which is qualification. For that, we need to win our next game to be able to go as far as possible."