Miguel Tojo (ARG), Argentina coach
"We struggled in the first half because of nerves. Anxiety leads to errors and at one stage our lads looked powerless. The goal on the stroke of half-time was just what we needed. During the break we corrected a couple of things and then, thanks to (Nicolas) Mazzola, we began to find room in their penalty area. There are still things to improve but I believe we're getting close to where we want to be as a team."

Miguel Tojo (HON), Honduras coach
"Naivety exacts a very high price. We paid for it against Spain, and again today against Argentina. Unfortunately, we made mistakes and our opponents capitalised on them. I will take something from our first-half performance, before our insecurities came to light. You pay dearly when you lack experience in this type of competition."

Nicolas Mazzola (ARG), Argentina striker
"I'm delighted, more for the team than about my two goals. In the first half we were unable to find our way. When they scored that penalty against us, we never gave in. Instead we kept going forward and fortunately got the result we wanted. Against Spain, we're going to have to play just like we did today."

Jonny Leveron (HON), Honduras defender
"True to their style, Argentina kept possession and were able to put ball into the danger area, where they had a tall striker who caught us by surprise. If we'd managed to hold onto our lead until half time, it would have been great, as it would have kept our tails up and subdued them a bit more. Now the outlook is complicated. We need to win and see what happens elsewhere."