Mohamad Al Jomaa (SYR), Syria coach
Of course we are delighted to win the match today. We knew that we had to take the three points to qualify for the Round of 16 and I was delighted to see my team win. After losing in the final minute against Spain, I was looking for a reaction from my team - and I received it today. I knew that the Honduras team would give us a difficult match, which they did. Now we are just looking forward to playing in our next match."

Miguel Escalante (HON), Honduras coach
"This game sums up our tournament. We have been unlucky, yet we have made mistakes. We worked hard, but we didn't show quite enough quality in the final third to score a goal, but we will be working hard to put things right. Although we have a talented group of players, we were drawn in a very difficult group. We did not disgrace ourselves against extremely strong competition such as Argentina, Spain and Syria."

Mohammad Abida (SYR), Syria defender
We're absolutely delighted to be in the next round. My mobile phone has not stopped ringing since the end of the game! My family and friends are so proud. The Syrian people are following our progress closely and I hope that we will continue to make them proud in our next match. The conditions made it difficult for both teams today, but once the second goal went in I knew that we would win the match."

Alfredo Mejia (HON), Honduras midfielder
We were delighted to qualify for this tournament and we have learned many lessons over the past three games. It has been extremely beneficial for this group of players and for football in our country. Today we gave everything and it was so disappointing to see the second goal go in, because we were hoping to score an equaliser and that really ended our hopes. But we played to the best of our ability and we will be back."