Juan Santisteban (ESP), Spain coach
"It was a very tough match because of the extreme heat, but even though we suffered a lot in the first half, we were a lot better after the break. Our goal was to win, not to avoid losing. We were trailing at one point and managed to pull level, so my tactics weren't defensive. You always have to be happy when you make it through to the second round, but it's even better when you finish top of the group."

Miguel Angel Tojo (ARG), Argentina coach
"In spite of the heat, we were mostly good in the first half before starting to suffer in the second. Spain were in better shape physically and that's what made it possible for them to catch up. That said, I regret we weren't able to score a second goal from one of the chances we had, especially Santiago Fernandez's shot at the end. Our first goal was to qualify and we've achieved that, so now we're going to concentrate on our match against Costa Rica."

Iago (ESP), Spain midfielder
"We started well but it was very hard to play in that heat, especially when you're playing matches every three days. Luckily, we were better after the restart. Our goal today was definitely to win, not to avoid losing, although we knew a draw would be enough. Considering the conditions we played in, we're very happy with the result."

Carlos Benitez (ESP), Argentina striker
"We're pleased to have met the first target we set ourselves upon arrival, which was to qualify. From now on, the serious business begins and we'll take it step by step, trying not to make any mistakes along the way. We created a lot of chances so we could have hoped for an even better outcome. For my goal, I was a bit far from the ball after I controlled it, but I still managed to get a shot off. I'm very pleased because it's the goal that guaranteed our place in the second round."