An Ye Gun (PRK), Korea DPR coach
It was an extremely difficult match, mainly because we were tired from the previous games and that showed out there. If we get through, we'll be basing our preparation for the next game on whoever we face. All the opponents will be tough, though.

Colin Tuaa (NZL), New Zealand coach
Naturally we're disappointed we're out of the tournament, but at the same time I'm satisfied with our performance tonight. Playing here has shown us the gap between us and the other sides and the standards we need to aspire to in order to be competitive. We can take some positives from this and we hope to be back.

Rim Chol Min (PRK), Korea DPR forward
I'm delighted to have won the match for my team, and I hope my goal can give the people back home a boost as they've been suffering with floods there. I wouldn't say I'm a hero. Far from it. I'm just a kid who needs to train to get better.

Michael O'Keeffe (NZL), New Zealand goalkeeper
I think we played much better than in our other games, and I hope people noticed. In the build-up to the game we really thought we could win, because if we had done, we might have got into the next round. I reckon this World Cup could be a launch pad for football in New Zealand.