Manuel Urena (CRC), Costa Rica coach
"The first game at a World Cup is always difficult, especially when you have to face a team as tough as Togo were today. In the first half we suffered a lot with their pace and left them a lot of space for them in midfield, which they exploited. That's why I made some changes in the second half, when we were better able to control the ball. We're not going to change a whole lot for our second game. Costa Rica's game plan is there for all to see, although the precise tactics we use will depend on what we learn from the Korea (Republic) - Peru game."

Paul Sauter (TOG), Togo coach
"It was a complicated start to the tournament, as Costa Rica have a great team. Yet, in spite of that we had a good first half and then created a great chance in the second, which would have changed the game completely had we taken it. Even though we had the lead, we never sat back and defended. On the contrary, we tried to score a second and finish off the game. However, we were unable to do so and that's why we had to settle for a draw. I'd like to congratulate the Costa Rica coach for the good game we saw today."

Josue Martinez (CRC), Costa Rica striker
"I'm thrilled to have started the World Cup with a goal. It's a dream come true. I'd like to thank the boss (Urena) for putting his faith in me and giving me the chance to play out there. As for my goal, I had a feeling the ball would come to the far post, so I positioned myself there. Fortunately, the ball fell to me and I was able to score my country's equaliser. I can't wait to get back to the hotel and talk to my family and friends."

Sapol Mani (TOG), Togo striker
"We're a bit disappointed because we felt we had the winning of that game. We took a point each and we have to accept that now. However, the result doesn't change in any way the ambitions we had when we arrived here. We came to win the title, and that's still our goal. Going out in the first round would be a complete disaster."