Park Kyung Hoon (KOR), Korea Republic coach: "My players knew they had to win no matter what and that's why they gave their all. We're happy with the win but disappointed at the fact we could have qualified already if we'd picked up some points earlier."

Paul Sauter (TOG), Togo coach: "First of all I'd like to congratulate Korea Republic on their win. It was a very tough, intense match and I thought my team played extremely well, even in the last 20 minutes when we were a man down. So I'd like to congratulate my team too. In the end, though, we got knocked out because we failed to take the chances we created in our three games."

Seol Jae Mun (KOR), Korea Republic forward: "We are satisfied with the win, even more so because we went a goal down. We put in a lot of effort and we're just hoping it's enough for us to make it to the next round."