Kroos: We believe
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Although Germany are going into Thursday's semi-final game against Nigeria as underdogs - at least, according to their coach Heiko Herrlich - they have faith in themselves that they still have a chance to lift the trophy in Seoul on Sunday.

That belief comes from what they have shown on the pitch so far, not from the hype of media or over-confidence of the players. On the centre of their flawless team work has been the skipper Toni Kroos, who has scored three goals and set up as many en route to the last four.

Despite his eye-catching performances, however, the quiet captain of the German machine tells that "our secret of success the collective power of the players." The Bayern Munich starlet talks about his team's progress so far, his role as captain, and of course, Germany's chances to reach the final. Toni, how would you describe the Germany team have played so far in this tournament?
Toni Kroos:
I think we can be satisfied with the tournament so far. I have not seen a team that's much stronger than ours and I think we have good chances in the tournament to compete with Nigeria, Ghana and Spain. Our best point is our creative offensive play and our stabile defence.

Did you expect the team to be at this stage before the tournament?
Yes. I have always believed in our power and team spirit. I knew that we were well prepared for everything that is expected from us in the World Cup.

What is your prospect on Germany's title challenge?
We are all very self confident and believe in our chances. But we shall not forget that we qualified as fifth of the European Championship and as the last team for the World Cup. That's why we are the underdog among the last four teams in the competition. We have to keep on doing what we did until now. Then we will have a chance in every challenge this week.

What is your personal goal at the tournament?
My personal goal is - as every player's - to bring my qualities into the team in order to improve our performance and to help my team-mates. This is the goal of everybody in our team and our secret of success.

How would you describe your role as captain?
As captain you have to link two things: to lead by example and motivate other players. I try to give my team-mates an example as player but I also try to motivate them outside the pitch. That's what we all try to do.

Who is your role model? Is they any player who you want to grow into in the future?
I admire Johan Micoud as a player and Stefan Effenberg as a great personality. There is no special player I want to grow with. I look forward to play professional soccer one day.

How do you spend your spare time when you're not playing or training?
Most of the time I spend in the massage room for regeneration or in my room and relax. If not I surf the internet or play poker with Sascha (Bigalke), Kevin (Wolze) and others.