An Il Bom: My dream
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Korea DPR coach An Ye Gun answered emphatically when asked him why he made An Il Bom his side's captain.

"He is clever and hard-working," said An. "He knows how to create goals and furthermore he is capable of leading and motivating his team-mates during training and in matches."

England coach John Peacock also singled the No10 out for special praise following the 1-1 draw between the two sides in Jeju. "It was very difficult to pick out the best player for Korea DPR," he said. "But I thought their captain worked extremely hard. He is a very clever little player."

With such wonderful tributes ringing in his ears, the tournament's official website posed a series of exclusive questions to the 16-year-old forward. An, it has now been 48 hours since your dramatic 1-1 draw with England. Looking back, what are your feelings from that game?
An Il Bom:
We were a little disappointed not to win the match, but England are one of the best teams taking part at this World Cup. All of their players are strong - physically and technically. The support of the fans in the stadium really helped us - and I was crazy when I saw the ball hit the back of the net! I can't find the words to fully explain the joy I felt.

It was nice to see every single player run to celebrate with the coach. What do the players think of An Ye Gun?
We think that he is one of the best coaches we've ever had. He's like a father and a brother to us. He always cares for us and loves us, but during training and games he's very strict.

The England coach thought you were your team's best player on Saturday. What did you think of your own performance?
I didn't think I played very well. To speak frankly, I didn't play as well as I usually do.

Turning to the match against Brazil, are you confident of victory?
Yes we are. Again, they are one of the best teams in this competition, but we are very much looking forward to playing in the stadium again.

Tell us about your footballing career so far? What are your ambitions for the future?
I started playing football at the age of ten and it was my father, who also played the game, who first realised that I had talent. I now play for the Sobaeksu club, which is one of the top clubs in my country. Although I know that I need to improve my footballing skills, physical fitness and gain more experience, it is my dream to represent my country's national team.

When you are not training and playing - what do you like to do to relax?
I like to chat with my friends, go sightseeing and play cards.