Trouble in Gosling's nest

Dressed in the same clothes, playing for the same country and in the same position, one would expect Dan Gosling and Michael Woods to be inseparable. Considering that they are room-mates, you might expect them to be, but recently a wedge has been driven between their personal relationship.

The cause? Snoring.

Yes, Woods, who has made two substitute appearances in the FA Cup for Premiership giants Chelsea has been kept awake since Tuesday, because of his room-mates sleeping patterns!

"He's a nightmare," laughed Woods when asked to describe his friend's bad habits. "When he goes to bed, he lies down for ten seconds and then he's like a train! His snoring is terrible. I'm getting a set of earplugs sent across to me, so I will be all right next week! Fingers crossed it won't affect my game, but I have had to go elsewhere to sleep over the past three nights.

"[Jordan] Spence, the skipper has got a spare bed in his room, so I have been in his room over the past two nights, but in the first night I slept in the communications room! But despite the snoring, he's still my mate. In fact, I've roomed with him at the past two tournaments."

"I wasn't snoring in Bosnia and Belgium [the UEFA U-17 qualifying tournaments] - it must be something in the air - I seem to have picked it up here," countered a bashful Gosling, who scored two goals in 12 appearances for Plymouth Argyle last season.

Despite the lack of sleep which Woods insists will not affect his performance against Korea DPR, he has been loving every minute of his time in Korea and on the beautiful Jeju island.

"It's brilliant," smiled Woods. "Obviously, it's a completely different part of the world from what we're used to; but what strikes me is that the people seem so enthusiastic about the tournament. I think they have actually shut the K-League down, which is incredible, and after seeing the stadiums, the hotels, the training pitches and the other teams around the hotel, we just can't wait for our first match."

"It will be one of the biggest stadiums I have played at," added Gosling, referring to the FIFA World Cup™ Stadium Jeju, which is expecting a crowd of around 30,000 for Saturday's matches. "Knowing the stars have played there in 2002, it's going to be amazing. I can't wait for it. The fans have been watching us all the time when we've been training and I can't imagine what the country would have been like during the actual 2002 World Cup." also managed to grab a word with England coach John Peacock, who believes that gaining a good result against Korea DPR on Saturday is vital for the Three Lions' FIFA U-17 World Cup hopes.

"I'm looking forward to it getting started," he said. "All the preparation has been completed, we have had a good ten days together which has been very helpful - we have managed to acclimatise and get rid of the jetlag.

"We have prepared in the same way as we have always gone about it, whatever team we are facing. We try to find out a bit of background information. More importantly we concern ourselves with how we play and how we perform.

"The players know the first game in any tournament is a key game and I am expecting a very difficult match. The lads have been informed of that. They are a bit of an unknown quantity to us but I'm sure the Korean team will be worried about us. I think it will make for an interesting game."