FRA-ESP: post-match quotes
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Juan Santisteban (ESP), Spain coach
It was a very difficult game for us, but we're delighted to reach the semi-finals. France obviously had a better physical presence than ourselves and when they took the lead, I was pleased to see that my players didn't give up and they got their rewards. I thought we did extremely well in the second half, but in extra time we were saved by the excellent goalkeeping of David De Gea. He has the potential to be one of the best goalkeepers in Spain, if not the world, providing he keeps developing. He's such an important player for us.

Francois Blaquart (FRA), French coach
It was a good match, both teams played very well and although we didn't make it, I'd like to congratulate Spain on making the semi-finals. In may ways, I'd prefer to lose 2-0 or 3-0 to lose on penalties, the players are extremely disappointed at the moment. But I am proud of them. They had chances to win this game, but found the Spanish goalkeeper in tremendous form. I have seen them get better and better during this tournament and I am sure they will continue to improve in the future.

David De Gea (ESP), Spain goalkeeper
I'm sure I'll remember this match for the rest of my life because we've qualified for the semi-final and that I saved a crucial penalty. As a keeper, I love penalty shoot-outs. They are something we practice regularly in training and when you're the goalkeeper, you can only really be a hero. France gave us a very tough match, but that's what we were expecting. They are a very strong team, but I think that we deserved to win the match - even on penalties.

Damien Le Tallec (FRA), France forward
What can I say? I am extremely disappointed with the result. I think we should have won. The Spanish goalkeeper was excellent today - and I couldn't believe it when I saw him save my header. There was little difference between the two sides and it was always touch and go. Everyone is extremely disappointed in the dressing room, but I am sure that we will bounce back.