ESP - PRK: post-match quotes
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Juan Santisteban (ESP), Spain coach
"I think we produced a good performance overall, and we outplayed our opponents. 3-0 is a pretty accurate reflection of the game in my opinion. What can you say about Bojan? He is an extraordinary footballer, and whenever he's at full fitness Spain's chances of winning are always that much bigger. On behalf of everyone in the Spanish delegation I'd like to dedicate this victory to the family of Antonio Puerta and offer them my most heartfelt condolences."

An Ye Gun (PRK), Korea DPR coach
"I think it's obvious that my players lacked the necessary experience to compete in this game. We knew Spain were very tough opponents, but even so I didn't expect there to be such a difference between the two sides. We need to learn from our time here and pass that knowledge on to the youth teams of tomorrow."

Bojan (ESP), Spain forward
"We're on the right track for sure. We didn't expect such a result today, but it wasn't as easy as it might have looked to people watching. The France game will be tough, as any knockout match is, as there's always that risk of losing and having to go home. If we can repeat what we did today, though, then I'm pretty confident we can keep on winning."

Rim Chol Min (PRK), Korea DPR forward
"We're disappointed we didn't perform as we'd wanted and that we're out. We knew how strong Spain were, but we didn't expect a result like this. We gave it our best shot, but it just wasn't enough. We've gone out in the last 16 and I'm not happy about only getting this far. I would have been satisfied if we'd reached the quarter-finals."