TUN-FRA: post-match quotes
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Francois Blaquart (FRA), France coach
"It was a tough match. We started fast and in the second half we showed our technical abilities. I don't think the rain affected our game too much, and the conditions were the same for both teams. But the Tunisian players looked very tired, especially after they went a man down. In the quarter-final we now face Spain, who beat us in the European championship. We have two days to prepare for the game and I hope we'll get our revenge."

Maher Kanzari (TUN), Tunisia coach
"France are very strong at this level. We didn't create many chances and we didn't defend well either. Most importantly, we didn't take our chances. The turning point was, of course, the red card. It was very difficult to play a man down against such a strong French team. And the rain didn't help us. Now we'll prepare for the U-20 World Cup in 2009. This experience will no doubt help."

Damien Le Tallec (FRA), France forward
"My first goal allowed us to take the lead again and then my second goal sealed the match. Even though we left it late, we knew we could win, especially as they were down to ten men."

Nour Hadhria (TUN), Tunisia midfielder
"It was a good game in that we showed our mettle right till the end. We could have played a little better but it was difficult with 10 men. I scored a lucky goal. I wish the French team all the best."