TRI - GHA: post-match quotes
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Sellas Tetteh Teivi (GHA), Ghana coach
I'm very satisfied. The lads have done very well and played entertaining football, especially in the first 45 minutes. I have to say I'm not entirely satisfied with the second half, we slowed the pace far too much. If we want to win the tournament, we've got to keep it up for the full 90 minutes."

Anton Corneal (TRI), Trinidad and Tobago coach
"It's obviously tough once you're 3-0 behind, but we still came back and scored, and created a few chances. But we have to be realistic, we've just played one of the best teams in the tournament and we need to learn from that to be ready for our forthcoming matches. Ghana were very good at letting the ball do the work. We improved in the second half, but we didn't make the most of our chances. We created a lot of openings, and I hope that'll give us confidence for our remaining matches."

Paul Addo (GHA), Ghana captain
"We played very well today. It was important to make a successful start, and we'll be confident about our remaining matches now. It'll be tough against Germany, but we still have every chance of winning."

Stephen Knox (TRI), Trinidad and Tobago striker
"Obviously, we're bitterly disappointed. We played well, but we failed to take our chances. We strikers always want to be scoring goals, and that's why I'm especially frustrated. We'll start concentrating on the next game now, and hopefully we can get a better result."