TRI-COL: post-match quotes
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Eduardo Lara (COL), Colombia coach
"This was an important win for us in what is a tough group. We're now within reach of the last 16 and it's in our hands as far as the last match is concerned. I'm very happy with the result. We have got a strong team with a lot of good players, and I include the substitutes in that. I'm glad that two of them scored today. Ghana are a very good team, and I'll be watching videos of their matches again and preparing my team based on what I see."

Anton Corneal (TRI), Trinidad and Tobago coach
"We're obviously very disappointed, but we have to look at things realistically and accept that we aren't at the same level. This tournament is a real chance for our young players to gain some invaluable experience at the highest level and learn things for the future. You have to believe in miracles and we are going to prepare intensively for the match against Germany. We've lost twice so it's going to be tough for us to qualify, but we're going to do all we can to finish off this World Cup on a positive note."

Andres Felipe Mosquera (COL) Colombia defender
"I thank the Lord that we won today and that I was able to score two goals. It's obviously a little sad that I'm suspended for the next match against Ghana, but our team will give their all regardless. Ghana are tough opponents, and both teams need the points. There's everything to play for in this match, and I hope that we will get what we need."

Glenroy Samuel (TRI) Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper
"I'm very disappointed. We wanted to win this match and represent our country to the best of our abilities. Now all we can do is hope for a miracle. We can beat Germany, though. I'm satisfied with the way I personally played today, but unfortunately that wasn't enough. In any case, it's all good experience for us here at this tournament."