Francois Blaquart (FRA), France coach
"I'm very pleased with the reaction we showed. I knew what this team were capable of, but until now we'd been unable to play to our full potential. Fortunately, we managed that in the last half and hour of the game, and that's what has secured us our qualification. I believe the team is strong enough to compete in the second round, so I just hope we can perform to the best of our abilities in our next game."

Hiroshi Jofuku (JPN), Japan coach
"We put in an enormous effort in the first half, which left us unable to dominate France in the second, as they're a physically stronger team than we are. Regrettably, we ceded control and lost concentration for two minutes, and that caused us to lose the game. Now, we need to wait on other results to see if whether we go through to the next phase."

Said Mehamha (FRA), France midfielder
"I'm thrilled to have scored that goal, as to some extent it makes up for the penalty I missed against Haiti. Having said that, I don't want to sound as if my individual efforts matter more that those of the team. I think my team-mates played an extraordinary game and it's because of them we got this great result and are still in the running for this tournament."

Yoichiro Kakitani (JPN), Japan forward
"While I can't deny I scored a great goal, the truth is that it was no use to us as the result didn't go our way. This defeat is a major blow and I'm very saddened that qualification is no longer in our hands. Of course, I'll be following the remaining games, as it's our only chance, but that in no way diminishes the sense of frustration and annoyance we feel."