BRA - PRK: post-match quotes
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Lucho Nizzo (BRA), Brazil coach
I am proud to coach this group of players. Their technical ability is excellent and tonight they played extremely well. It's my job as a coach to help them improve even further. Although, we will never reach perfection, we will never stop working. I have to give credit to the Korea DPR team who gave us a tough match, despite what the scoreline may suggest. Their pace and organisation were good - and they were unlucky to play us in such good form.

An Ye Gun (NZL), Korea DPR coach
I thought we started the match very well, but very quickly the game turned in Brazil's favour. The missed chance from Kwang Ryong Pak was a crucial moment. Very quickly Brazil scored and from then on we became very nervous. Our players have not had enough experience, so they did not really know how to react after being three goals behind in the first ten minutes. I thought Brazil were excellent this evening, but I hope we can learn from this defeat. I am sure we will beat New Zealand in our next match.

Tales (BRA), Brazil midfielder
I always practice my set pieces in every single training session, because we have so many players who are strong in the air. Practice makes perfect and the practice paid off today. Once we scored the first goal, it gave us tremendous confidence and from then on, we played extremely naturally. I wouldn't say it was a perfect performance, there is always something to improve upon and we always try to get better in each and every game. Now we have qualified for the Round of 16, we are going to try our best to beat England in our final group game.

An Il Bom (PRK), Korea DPR forward
We will learn lessons from this match. We made mistakes and we won't repeat them again. My personal aim in this competition is to play in the quarter-finals and I am going to do my best to do this. We have great determination and resolution and I am sure we will play much better from now on. Once again, it was great to hear the crowd behind us - and I would like to thank them for that.