Johnson Eku of Ghana (number 13) has been banned from the semi-final of the FIFA Under-17 World Championship against Spain - and also from the Final or the Match for Third Place.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee imposed a four-match ban on Eku after reading the reports from the referee and the commissioner at Ghana's quarter-final match against Oman. After the final whistle (when the referee can no longer show a red or yellow card), Eku was seen to spit at an opponent, Talal Khalfan Al-Farsi (Oman, number 15), after having been pushed by the Oman player.

The four-match ban covers not only the remaining two matches of the FIFA/JVC Cup but also Ghana's next two official competition matches in the next age-group in which Eku is eligible to play.

Meanwhile, Al-Farsi was banned for two matches by the Disciplinary Committee for having pushed Eku aggressively and for having continued to attempt to strike him despite his teammates' efforts to prevent him from doing so.

As Oman has been eliminated from the Championship, this two-match suspension will apply for Oman's first two matches in an official competition in the next age-group.