Egypt's under-17 national team won praise from FIFA despite their 1-2 defeat by Spain in the Ismailya quarter-final.

The Head of the FIFA Technical Department, Jurg Nepfer, said: "Egypt played their best match of the tournament against Spain and would have been a worthy semi-finalist."

"There had been a lot of comment about the Egyptians' fitness but they showed in the quarter-final - the fourth match in 12 days - that they are in good condition. That is a tribute to the work done by the team's technical staff."

"Their game also benefited from being able to play on the better surface in Ismailya.'

The FIFA Deputy General Secretary, Michel Zen-Ruffinen, said: "Congratulations to Egypt for their fine performance. They reached the quarter-finals in a tough group and acquitted themselves very well against a strong Spanish team. Their supporters should be proud of them."

"We now look to these same fans to continue to give their support to the Championship as a whole, even though their team is no longer in the hunt for the Cup."

"Egyptian fans have already shown themselves to be good sportsmen and we hope they will continue to do so in the remaining matches," Mr. Zen-Ruffinen added.