The Opening Ceremony in Cairo of the FIFA Under-17 World Championship has won praise from all the FIFA Executive Committee members who attended the show in the Cairo National Stadium.

Speaking on behalf of the FIFA delegation, General Secretary Joseph S. Blatter said: "It was one of the most spectacular opening ceremonies we have ever seen at any FIFA competition - and surpasses even those at the U-17 in Japan in 1993 or the first U-16 in China in 1985.

"The show was original, entertaining and dynamic - just as it should be, It is always important to integrate traditional cultural elements into an opening ceremony, and with such a rich culture as Egypt's that is not very difficult to achieve - but the designers of this show succeeded in this respect particularly well."

"I would like to congratulate them on behalf of President Havelange and of all the FIFA guests present."

Batter added that while it is customary for a FIFA Championship to open with a spectacular ceremony, there should be no closing ceremony.

"The stars of the final day are the players," he said. "The closing ceremony is nothing other than the presentation of the Cup and the gold medals to the winning team. They are the ones on centre stage, and we do not want anything to detract from the biggest day in the lives of these young players."