As at each FIFA Championship, a Technical Study group will be analysing all 32 matches of the FIFA Under-17 World Championship for the JVC Cup.

The group of experts is composed as follows:

  • Jean-Pierre Morlans (France)
  • Charles Kumi Gyamti (Ghana)
  • Raul Magana (El Salvador)
and is co-ordinated by the Head of the FIFA Technical department, Jürg Nepfer.

A technical study among the 16 finalist teams before the tournament has analyzed their preparations for the finals. During the finals, the experts will be observing the teams' tactical approach and their training methods while in Egypt, as well as a full statistical survey of the 16 squads.

Interim statistics will be issued through the FIFA media service and a full technical report will be published after the Championship.

NOTE: The FIFA Technical Report for the previous edition of the Under-17 World Championship for the JVC Cup, held in Ecuador in 1995, may be accessed on FIFA On-Line.