FIFA has appointed the three members of the appeal body (as foreseen under Article 21 of the Regulations governing the Status and Transfer of Footballers (chapter VI)) to hear the appeal lodged by the Italian club Inter Milan in the case of the transfer of the Brazilian player Ronaldo from FC Barcelona, and to take a final decision on the case.

The members of the specially appointed body are the FIFA Senior Vice-President, Julio Grondona (Argentina); Dr Viacheslav Koloskov (Russia), and Ram Ruhee (Mauritius). All three are members of the FIFA Executive but not of the FIFA Players’ Status Committee, which had earlier dealt with the case.

The meeting will take place in Cairo, where they will be attending the FIFA Under-17 World Championship, which begins on Thursday September 4.

Their meeting is planned before the end of this week. However, no information on the decisions taken will be released to the media until the involved parties have been informed, foreseeably on Monday 8 September.

The decision of this appeal body is final.