The "Golden Goal" rule will apply when the FIFA Under-17 World Championship moves into the knock-out phase.

From the second round on, matches which are drawn after 90 minutes will go into extra time (2 x 15 minutes).

The first team to score a goal in extra time will immediately be declared the winner.

If there is no goal scored in 30 minutes of extra time, the match is settled on penalty-kicks in the customary manner.

The Golden Goal rule (also known as "sudden death") has been applied by FIFA since the 1993 World Youth Championship in Australia. At the FIFA World Youth Championship in Malaysia in June/July this year, three matches were settled in this way.

In the first-round group matches, three points are awarded for a win and one for a draw. Groups are settled first by the following criteria :

  1. number of points
  2. goal difference
  3. the number of goals scored
  4. the score of the direct encounter between the teams concerned
  5. drawing of lots.