Korea Republic-Spain: Quotes
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Jorge Vilda, Spain coach
I’m happy with the work the team put in and I can’t fault my players in any way. The ball just didn’t want to go in, that’s all. We had the chances to win the match and we stuck to our attacking gameplan. All we lacked was a little luck. Even so, finishing as one of the top four sides in the world is an achievement in itself and we’ll now go and give it all we’ve got to win the bronze medal.

Choi Duck-Joo, Korea Republic coach
Spain made it very difficult for us to begin with because they’re very skilful at keeping the ball and that meant we struggled to play our usual game. We fell behind but managed to come back and I’m very grateful to the players for the effort they showed in doing that. We were able to keep Sampedro and Pinel, their most dangerous players, under close guard.