Korea DPR-Germany: Quotes
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Ralf Peter, Germany coach
First of all I would like to congratulate Korea DPR. They played so well tonight. As for us, we just weren’t in it in the first half and we had major problems up front. We raised our game after half-time but it wasn’t enough. There are a lot of reasons why we came up short but I can’t fault my players’ preparations or their desire to get things right. No, the problem lies elsewhere if you ask me. Part of it’s down to the quality of the North Koreans and the rest to our disastrous first-half performance.

Ri Song-Gun, Korea DPR coach
We didn’t have to come up with a magic recipe to beat Germany. We promised ourselves after losing our opening match to Nigeria that we wouldn’t lose again. We’ve got stronger with every game and tonight we’ve gone and knocked out Germany and made it to the semi-finals.