Brazil-Canada: Quotes
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Bryan Rosenfeld, Canada coach
We made a few mistakes that cost us dearly. Brazil put away their chances while we were unable to do the same. In the second half, our possession was better and we clearly began to feel more at ease, but we just didn’t get the ball forward enough. I don’t think that the players were at their best, but overall this has been an excellent opportunity for our team to develop. I’m convinced that this experience has improved us as a group. We’re very much looking forward to the next World Cup.

Edvaldo Erlacher, Brazil coach
It’s been a very close group, with the final placings just getting sorted out at the very end. I felt that in this match the team reached the same heights as they did in the South American Championship. This is now the beginning of a new stage in this competition. We’ve played in tricky matches that show that women’s football has come a long way and that it’s very even. It’s going to be difficult against Spain, but Brazil are ready to go looking for the win.