Japan-Venezuela: Quotes
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Hiroshi Yoshida, Japan coach
I’m happy with the win. The biggest difference from our first game was that we put our chances away this time. I’m very happy with the result and with the way we played. We managed to keep possession today, and when we have the ball we look better going forward and make better decisions. I was a little worried about injuries in the second half but the players were each able to hold on to the ball and take fewer risks.

Kenneth Zseremeta, Venezuela coach
We have to face up to the fact we lost and that Japan outplayed us. We were a bit up and down at the start but we had our chance and failed to take it. We shouldn’t take anything away from Japan though. It was their day today. They changed their tactics from the Spain game and the switches we made didn’t work out. It’s not all over yet though, and it won’t be until the 90 minutes are up against Spain.