The secrets of Mexico revealed

For many players at Costa Rica 2014 answering questions from media is a new experience. But for two Mexico players – defensive duo Vanessa Flores and Gabriela Martinez - that took a new twist as the chatty duo asked each other some light-hearted questions about their team-mates revealing some of El Tri's dressing room secrets along the way.

Ahead of their potentially epic quarter-final showdown against Japan, listened in while the pair shared their insights, as well as a few laughs.

Vanessa Flores: Who is the funniest person on the team?
Gabriela Martinez: Emily (Alvarado), she makes the funniest faces, especially a monkey face. She is always saying the most random things.

Gabriela: Who is the coolest and why?
That would be Emily again. She can be serious but zoned out all the time, sometimes it looks like she isn’t there. She loves rap music but doesn’t look like she would (laughs).

Gabriela: I think you know the answer to this but who is the most serious student?
anessa: That’s easy. Jackie (Jacqueline Crowther). She always has her books with her, and is always doing homework.

Gabriela: Who is the social media addict?
Vanessa: Oh that’s easy, that’s you (laughs)! You always have your phone and are taking some amazing pictures. Only you can post something on one site and have it followed on another medium.

Gabriela: And the music leader?
Vanessa: Our captain Rebeca (Bernal) does that... but she doesn’t do a very good job of it (laughs). We listen to the same music, on the bus, dressing room, when we are hanging out... If you don’t know the song, you will by the end of the tour. Songs on high rotation are Besame (Camila), Color Esperanza (Diego Torres), Wake Me Up (Avicii), We Are The Champions (Queen).... We all love music, and we listen to it 24/7, which occasionally gets us into trouble.

Vanessa: Who somehow never scores during training?
Jackie (Crowther). She is a forward and can have a clear chance but will try and do a Chilenita (bicycle kick) or something and fall over. She gets in trouble sometimes but it’s OK. She tries the hard stuff.

Gabriela: Does anyone occasionally annoy Leo (coach Leonardo Cuellar)?
Hmm, that would probably have to be Jackie again. She doesn’t do the simple things and she is always loud!

Gabriela: What do you like about Leo’s style with the players?
He has a great sense of humour. When you least expect it, he will drop in a great joke and lighten the mood.

Vanessa: Do we have an 'un-coolest' player?
No, of course not, we are all cool. Everyone has their own way of contributing I think. We all love each other and are united.

Gabriela: Who has the craziest interest outside of football?
I don’t think we have any interest outside of football. OK maybe Gaby with her shopping. Emily likes exploring and trying new things. She is home-schooled, so maybe has time more than us!

Vanessa: Who is our most technical player?
That would have to be Belen (Cruz). She is our No10, and can keep the ball from pretty much anyone.

Gabriela: Who do you think is the most intense trainer?
That would be the goalies, they work hard and are always telling everyone what to do.

Gabriela: Which player pushes the group the most?
Well, I think we all contribute, but I guess Rebeca (Bernal). As our captain she has really high hopes for the team and reminds us of what we can achieve.