Brazil-Belgium: Quotes

Dunga, Brazil coach
The first match is always a tough one, in any tournament. Belgium played very well in defence and we tried to play it down the flanks. I was generally satisfied with the way my team played today - you could see what they are capable of physically.

Hernanes, Brazil goalscorer
I was obviously over the moon when I scored the goal. When you score a goal, it always gives the whole team a new lease of energy and gives them more confidence.

Jean Francois De Sart, Belgium coach
We played very well today and I'm proud of my boys. Brazil couldn't find a way through against our marking and we kept our positions very well. There were periods in the match when we were actually better than the Brazilians. Two of our guys were sent off today after they got a second yellow card, but we've got a squad of 18 fit players and we'll find a solution for the next match.

Logan Bailly, Belgium goalkeeper
Brazil definitely had some good chances but then again so did we. I think that today we played at a similar level to Brazil.