Rodriguez: Where else do you get this chance!

After six exciting online seasons and 11 live qualification events held all over the world, the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 is reaching it’s finale! We’ve been following Jesus Rodriguez since the beginning of FIWC12. In our final interview of the season with the virtual football veteran, Rodriguez reflects on an eventful year in the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Earlier this month Arsene Wenger was named the official FIWC12 coach. What's your reaction to this big news?
Working together with Arsene Wenger is a wonderful thing! He is one of the best trainers in the world and brings a lot of football knowledge with him. I think it's a great honour for the FIWC to have him take on the role of official trainer.

Do you think that a professional coach can help EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 players improve?
Definitely. A professional manager such as Arsene Wenger will be able to help us players without a doubt. Especially with his tactical insider knowledge.

Given the chance, what would you like to ask the Arsenal manager?
First off, tactical questions. He is an absolute expert in this area and can help players in all aspects of modern football in great detail. Additionally, I would ask him how he is able to prepare his players mentally for difficult situations and how he builds them back up after a loss. I think these questions aren’t only relevant to actual football and they play an important role in the FIWC.

The best EA SPORTS™ FIFA12 players are heading to Dubai for the Grand Final in a few days. What do you think of this year’s Grand Final location?
Wow! Dubai is definitely one of the best locations ever chosen for a FIWC Grand Final! The city offers a little bit of everything: impressive architecture, luxurious hotels and shopping centers as well as unbelievable beaches. I think that many of the finalists have never been to Dubai and will now have the opportunity to get to know this breathtaking city.

If you could choose the location for the next FIWC Grand Final, where would it be?
Japan! The people there are so passionate about technology and so friendly. I believe that Japan would be a wonderful country for a Grand Final. I wonder why no player from Japan has been able to grab the FIWC title so far? There are so many good Japanese players and the level of play there is very high.

With FIWC12 rapidly reaching it’s conclusion, what are your thoughts on the 2012 edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup?
I would love to have qualified for the Grand Final but nevertheless this year’s FIFA Interactive World Cup was a lot of fun. FIFA 12 is, in my opinion, the best football simulation game out there and I hope that even more players join the FIWC next year. I am going to be taking part again next year for sure. With the FIWC you have the chance to become the virtual football champion of the world, where else do you get this chance!

The online seasons have been played and the live tournaments decided. Now it’s time for the Grand Final! We will be covering all the action in Dubai. Be sure to follow the FIWC on Twitter (@FIWC) to receive updates regarding the latest news, scores, videos and more!