Alshehri: We all want to win!
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Recently, we interviewed ibra_12. The Colombian won a ticket to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Grand Final with a second place finish in Online Season 1 of qualification. For an interview with the Season 1 winner, however, we had to travel almost 8,000 miles further east on the virtual FIWC map. We sat down with iSAYwheniTsOVER (real name Azooz Alshehri) from Saudi Arabia for an exclusive interview. Congratulations on your victory! Were you just as confident before the start of the season as your name suggests?
Azooz: Thank you. No! I thought I had a good chance but I think it is most important to gain experience in order to be able to succeed on this level.

Was this your first time competing in the FIFA Interactive World Cup?
No, last year I also tried to qualify. I finished in fifth place in the first season and have learned so much since then.

Has your tactic developed or changed since last year?
No, I didn't change my main tactic or my team. I always play with Sweden and I stick to the same strategy.

Sweden, that is interesting. Usually top FIWC gamers play with Real Madrid, Barcelona or Chelsea. Why Sweden?
At the FIWC all the teams are at the same level so it doesn't really matter which one you choose. I like Zlatan Ibrahimovic so I have used Sweden since EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10. It’s really all about how you play and not what team you choose.

So the first season was dominated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. ibra_12 told us that he is also a big fan of this Swedish striker. What do you think your chances are for the Grand Final against players like ibra_12 and defending champion Francisco Cruz?
I think everyone who qualifies has the oppurtunity to win the trophy. It doesn't matter if you qualify in an online season or through a live event, we all do the best and want all want to win. I will prepare myself by playing the best players.

As the FIWC winner, you would be invited to the FIFA Ballon d`Or. When you saw the video of Francisco Cruz at the Ballon d’Or this year did you imagine that could be you?
Of course! What Francisco experienced was fantastic. I love the part when he played against Wayne Rooney on the PlayStation®3 and when he had the chance to talk to coaching legend Sir Alex Ferguson. That was awesome!