We've answered your questions!

In December we invited you to send in your questions about the biggest virtual tournament in the world. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered each one.

How can I change the stadium, weather and time of day of my FIWC matches?

To ensure the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 is as fair as possible, all FIWC matches are played in normal weather conditions.

Where and when do the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Live Qualification Events take place? Where can I find information on how to register?
Plans for the Live Qualification Events are underway and all the important information will be made available on the site soon. Check FIFA.com/fiwc regularly to ensure you keep up to date. Also, be sure to follow @FIWC on Twitter for breaking news and competition information.

What should I do if I qualify as a winner or runner-up in one of the online seasons?
If you qualify for the Grand Final as the winner or runner-up of one of the online seasons, we will contact you by email with all the necessary information.

Will FIFA cover travel and accommodation costs for the Grand Final?
All travel and accommodation costs for the Grand Final will be covered. Participants can also look forward to a fantastic entertainment programme.

What happens to players who cheat?
Fair Play is a fundamental part of the FIWC12. To ensure all players have an equal chance of winning, matches are monitored and any players who win via unfair means will be disqualified.

Do you have to register again after the first online season?
As soon as you register for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012, you are automatically registered for all subsequent seasons of FIWC12 so there is no need to register again.

Are matches arranged at random or are you paired against players of a similar level?

Fixtures are arranged at random. However, your current level, and that of your opponent, influences the number of points which can be won. If you beat a player of a higher level, you will earn more points than you would against a weaker opponent.

For your chance to win USD 20,000 and a VIP trip to the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala, register now and qualify for the Grand Final from one of the five remaining online seasons, or at one of the various Live Events around the globe. All the latest news and information can be found at FIFA.com/fiwc and on our Twitter channel (@FIWC).